Week 1 NFL Picks, Leans, Thoughts, and Ideas


EOG Master
1. Zach will never win a game by himself. He needs weapons all over the place, including a defence to keep his team in games, all 17 games of the year.

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EOG Master
Too bad the Jets didn't have Nathan Rourke. Was awesome this preseason with the Jags and would be a good fit considering the Jets only glaring concern is their o-line. Kid has all the tools.


Bells Beer Connoisseur
If the Jets are guilty of anything, it’s not having a better backup for a 40-YO QB. Can’t write them off since Tua has had concussion issues, and Buffalo may be seeing its SB window closing.


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good time to take jets afc futures, get a discount, the 2023 jets are the 2000 baltimore bullies, zach is a better version of trent dilfer, plus the refs will kiss that ass since it is hyme town

Dell Dude

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If I thought the NFL was completely legit, I would dismiss Jets after that disgraceful Fail Mary pick six but I'm still hearing that Rodgers is planning on coming back and I'm wondering why. One more loss removes any doubt but they have 2 winnable games even with Zachy then the Rodgers do or die game @ Miami. If they go 2-0 and he comes back for that game, they can run it. 10-7 may be enough.

Dell Dude

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They win out, they own H2H over Clowns, Broncos and Taxans. Colts are shaky. I would say 10-7 is slightly above 50% of making the playoffs. 9-8 is under 10%. They'll have to run it.

Dell Dude

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Am I crazy stevo? Well you'd think the same thing after the Broncos gave up 70 to Miami and were 1-5. They should have been 1-6 but sucked out a win @ Bears. Now they are the hottest team in the entertainment league. Nothing is impossible.