Welcome to Eye on Poker

Due to the increased interest in poker on this site it has been determined in the effort of efficiency and productivity that we open a subforum for those that wish to have easy access to the poker information.

A few notes:

1. While this forum is available to anyone that can access the site, there is a sub forum listed above for all poker passwords that is set to only registered users being able to view it. All poker passwords will be posted within that section.

2. All information regarding tournaments, freerolls, etc will be posted in this section.

3. We will still be allowing a lot of poker threads to remain in main and at this time will not be moving them, this section is set up to help you, the poster, have easier access to all of the information we have available.

4. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them. We are open to constructive criticism.


Verly isnt going anywhere
Re: Welcome to Eye on Poker

lol. You see it all the time Big D...always easy to spot those randomly posting to get to the post count. You see thread after thread with the same name...mostly dead threads from out of nowhere.
Re: Welcome to Eye on Poker

I agree poker deserves its own thread or section. It far different from sportsbetting, with some people interested in one but not the other.
I prefer or lean towards poker if given a choice between the two.


EOG Enthusiast
Re: Welcome to Eye on Poker

What's up you guys, have been out 2 weeks due to business, hope your EOG tourneys has been great. The standings pretty good but hopefully, I will probably have time next Wednesday. Is there another 20k or more tourney coming up? Good Luck to you guys today.


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Re: Welcome to Eye on Poker

Hello all. Long time I'm here tall tale. New design is cool. A poker room has changed? Say the name of a poker room right now? And then I remember there were some problems before with it.