What a Great day today in America!

Victory for so many. I think the exact opposite happened here at EOG. Awfully quiet here. Can we get a few comments from Very Dumb Dude. Boston Massacre. CompBoob, Valuist, Railturd. I know they're all heartbroken but snap out of it.
So Bruce's Penn State thread is in the Asylum but Big Dummy can start a thread attacking EOG posters? Let's make a trade right now, JK. Here it is.

Very Dumb Dude, you thought Chauvin was innocent and would be found not guilty. It wasn't even close. Now you and everyone else knows why I call you "Very Dumb Dude".

What a sore loser you have become. Best bet record 60 for 701.

Stop crying to JK that I'm attacking you. The beatdown is for the late Guesser and my friend Kane. Thanks for playing!
This is not a sports gambling or sports content thread.

Should be moved to the appropriate forum.
Hey idiot! Check out the first page. I'll bet you this in not the only thread that is not sports or gambling related. I'll also bet you it's the only thread you commented that it should be moved. Anyway I just made it gambling related.

What are the odds that the idiot will take my bet?
So many EOG active members are heartbroken by today's verdict. Today most of the country came together in an inclusive way.

What are the odds that Chauvin appeals?

If he does appeal what are the odds he wins?
Very Dumb Dude. Thanks for playing. But I no longer have any use for you. I already beat you down and exposed your prejudices as much as possible.

I don't even know why JK allows dumb Nazi's to post at EOG. I guess one reason is the prevalence in the gambling community. But you'll never hear me asking JK to ban you, censor you or move your threads. The beatdowns are fun. Me exposing you is rewarding. Carry on Very Dumb Dude.
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Now bring Bruce back to the main stage, JK. He can use my visitor's Guesser pass. Time to start posting about other shit besides MAGA vs Deep State.
I love it. Big Dummy moved to politics forum. Should have been asylum but still pawgress.
Nazi took a beating yesterday. Probably one of the worst beatings in Eog history. Very Dumb Dude best bet record 60 for 701.

Over the last few days, the Nazi continually posted in his front page Nazi thread Derek Chauvin not guilty. Derek Chauvin not Guilty. And now we know why you're called Very Dumb Dude. Yesterday's beatdown was so historic. Again you went crying to JK seeking protection and help. "Jk, Bigrunner is attacking me. Will you ban him and move his thread". Lol, lol, lol

Carry on Very Dumb Dude. Derek Chauvin was guilty as fuck and you're a dumb fuck.