What are the three benefits of activated carbon?


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Activated charcoal has been a natural remedy for many years but recently gain popularity as a beauty staple and its other beneficial uses.In the past, it is a potent antidote capable of absorbing most organic toxins, poisons, and chemicals before causing harm to the body.activated carbon sale

What is activated charcoal?
Activated charcoal includes a variety of substances such as wood, bamboo, coal or even coconut shell charcoal burned without oxygen to produce char. This char undergoes heating in high temperature and exposure certain gases via a multiple-step process to make it highly porous which is the “activation” phase.Upon activation, the increase in the surface area of the molecules can bind strongly to any substance. This process of adsorption makes charcoal a powerful substance. Remember that true activated charcoal is tasteless, odorless and non-toxic.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal?
There are 3 main benefits of using activated charcoal.

A remedy for poison and toxins
In studies, activated charcoal is highly effective for GI tract decontamination. It can adsorb 50-60% of harmful substances in the stomach and intestines if taken right after ingestion. It also has a positive effect if taken 2 hours after.In emergency rooms, activated charcoal is routinely administered for cases of poisoning. It binds with and removes the substance even after it moves into the bloodstream.Activated charcoal also has purification properties which is why it is routinely present in air and water filters.

Beauty ingredient
Activated charcoal is gaining recognition in various beauty products lately. The reason for this rise in popularity is its effectiveness at eliminating bacteria, dirt, chemicals and any form of build-up on the skin.

Oral care
The effectiveness of activated charcoal in eliminating harmful substances makes it beneficial for oral health. Although it does not neutralize toxins, it binds them to several miniature pores on its surface.

If present in toothpaste, powders and oral rinses, it can bind to bacteria and other harmful substances and eliminate them from the mouth. It also binds to substances that stain the teeth and can even provide a whitening effect after a few uses.activated carbon pellets manufacturers