What Do Online Bookies Get With A Premium Sportsbook Solution? Find Out Here!

Ever wonder why a master online bookie chooses only a premium sportsbook solution?
The answer is simple—they make more profit!

The reason they increase their profits and make more money than the other guys is that there are more tools and options to work with. Being an online bookie is about customer service and providing players with the most betting options available, while still being able to mitigate profit-loss risk.

PayPerHead.com provides online bookies with a premium sportsbook solution, their Prime Package offers a variety of tools and features alongside multiple betting options.

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What Do Online Bookies Get With PayPerHead's Prime Package?

  • Highly Customizable Dashboard: Run your sportsbook the way you want to, view all the information you need at a glance, all in one spot.
  • Real-time Live Wagering on 1000+ Events: Offer the most betting options to your players, growing your sportsbook is easy with live wagering.
  • BetAlerts: Instant Player Betting Notifications: Get notified and manage your lines as soon as the action gets too hot.
  • In-Depth Reporting Options: Manage your business with the proper information you need to create the right marketing messages to the right players.
  • Mobile Betting + Mobile Friendly Website: Your players can bet anytime—anywhere, increasing your bottom line every step of the way.
  • Multiple Casino & Horse Profiles: Offer pre-set customizable profiles to keep your players entertained.
  • Agent to Agent Encrypted Messaging: Grow your master agent network with privacy and security.
  • Competitive Live Dealer Rates: Keep the excitement going by offering all the popular live casino games.
  • VIP Support 24/7 Everyday in 3 Languages: Offered in English, Spanish, or Mandarin.
  • Mass Edit Lines and Limits: Save time and manage limits by using these two tools together.
  • The Liner Move: Never worry about a refund again, adjust the lines to secure profits.

PayPerHead.com has been in the business since 1997, they understand what online bookies really need to thrive and stay competitive in a saturated industry. Their Prime Package offers innovative and industry-leading tools that are designed to help you increase your bottom line.

They're so confident they can help you reach your business goals, that they're offering their premium package for just $3 per head this summer! 7