What is the application effect of activated carbon in pharmaceutical industry?


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Activated carbon is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be found in chemical synthetic drugs, biological agents, vitamins, hormones or injections, large infusions, etc., and activated carbon is also infiltrated into medical products or directly used in medical drugs.carbon additive wholesale
There are many kinds of chemical synthetic drugs, and the decoloring function is different. Some are crude product refining of the final product, and some are refining of the raw material of the synthetic raw material. In any case, the conditions of use of the activated carbon should be determined in the laboratory according to the actual situation. If the active ingredient of the decolorized object is expensive, it should be considered that the active ingredient is taken away by the activated carbon. Therefore, the choice of carbon is more important because the high-quality activated carbon can reduce the use amount of carbon, which not only reduces the cost of refining, but also reduces the loss of active ingredients due to adsorption.​
Powdered activated carbon is made by high-quality charcoal and refined by special production process, including two production methods- physical method and chemical method. After being activated by steam, it is refined and pulverized. This product has a black powder appearance and does not dissolve under normal solutions. It is odorless and tasteless, with large surface area, strong adsorption, high purity, fast filtration speed, stable quality, with flocculation effect and filter aid effect. It is widely used in the decolorization and impurity removal of food, medicine, MSG and other products. It also can be used for water purification.​
It is the pharmaceutical grade wood activated carbon which is suitable for pharmaceutical industry. In order to achieve the best effect, the specification of activated carbon shall be selected according to the drug types and the production process. instant graphite carbon raiser