Who else on the Pats -10 tonight?

25% of the Colts roster is hurt or out for tonight’s game....including T.Y. Hilton....

Small wager for me to get my interest to watch.....165-150.....Pats should cover...

I will bet more if Railbird wants some plus 10....


All I do is trytrytry
its a 10 point teaser wet dream wort of game teasing down the -10.5

now finding the other 2 games in college or pro more of a hmmmmmm
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I was on NE but weirdly never liked it after the game started, don't know why. Shows how stupid our in-game hunches can be, but at 24-17 I felt like ripping up the ticket. And I don't think, the way the game played, that NE was a great call. Okay, but not great. Pregame I felt like maybe it was a 55%er, which is fine, but … oh, well, as long as the score comes right.

I also bet on NE last week. But next week? I think the money might decide, hey, 38 points back to back, these guys are back on track. Yet they only beat a due-to-crash Miami and a crippled, exhausted Indy.