Winkyduck Challenge for March....presented by Winkyduck (Winkyduck is our March contestant)

Dell Dude

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The password is past post. I'm counting this if he wins.

Wednesday 10/13/2021
Golf Futures - Andalucia Masters - Odds to win - David Lipsky +7500
Risk: 59.00
To Win: 4,425.00
Free Play: No

Risk / To Win Amount:
59.00 / 4,425.00 (USD) Accepted 10/13/2021 10:56 - EST
Golf Futures
Andalucia Masters
Odds to win 10/14/2021 05:00:00- (EST)
David Lipsky 7500 to 0
* Event Notes:
European Golf - Estrella Damm NA Andalucia Masters Tournament @ Real Club Valderrama - Sotogrande, Spain

Dell Dude

EOG Master
I'm sure not vaccine related. Healthy 30 year olds routinely die suddenly.

analyzer said:
Well, if he died because of the vaccine, they certainly wouldn't announce it. I lost a 30 year old co-worker last week. She was one of the nicest girls I've ever met. 2 little kids at home. She was in a program to become a surrogate mother. She would grow her hair out, cut it, and donate it to cancer victims. She was just a sweetheart. She died suddenly. She and some friends came home from a restaurant. She was tired, and fell asleep in the car. They went out to check on her, and she was gone. They haven't said what it was. Something heart and/or brain related. She was vaccinated. I've heard in some cases the vaccine causes blood clots. It sure makes me wonder.