Your Worst Bad Beat?


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I've got too many- i lost track.

Whats worse- Floped Trip Aces- get called down by a donk with 66- he hits his 6 on the river.

Short Stake decideds to go all in like the donk he is- I call K10 suited with them diamonds- what does he have? 8 Q. What did I flop? all dimonds with him only hitting an 8. What does the turn and river give him? another 8 and another Q.

My most recent- AA vs 10 Q - flop comes 478 - Im thinking- NICE I GOT THIS. Bet 320 on the flop= this loser calls. Up comes a Jack, I check, because i know for a fact im WAY ahead. He checks- NOW im certain im way ahead. River comes a 9- im thinking, no way he has Q10- I check to induce a bluff , LOSER GOES ALL IN acting like he's bluffing me out- but he hit his magic runner runner.

So what are your bad beats?


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Re: Your Worst Bad Beat?

Pocket 9's... flop 9,9,K... Turn A, River K... Winner had PP K's.
2 quad hands in same hand... - can you say on-line



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Re: Your Worst Bad Beat?

dammmmmmmmmb- that's bad beat jack pot quality there. Shoulda been playing at the cash game tables with a jackpot- woulda been rich.