2018 Westgate Football SuperContest and Others

"And I'll raise you 34 . . . " A six-figure and still growing mini-contest type bonus prize -- four of them -- that's unprecedented here in town, on a handicapping contest, as far as I know. Although I would imagine that multiple players may well be chopping that each quarter. But a nice quarterly pot to chop to be sure.

as of Fri Sep 6 4:00PM there are
1,716 entries
$106,000+ in “quarter” prizes
awarded every month
Although -- re: chopping -- looking back at the SuperContest Classic LY, there was only 1 entry at the top with 17 points after WK 04 -- with over 3100 entries.

And in 2017, there were 2 entries at the top with 17 points.

So chopping, or extensive multi-way chopping, after 4 (5 in the last quarter) weeks is not a foregone conclusion.
Also reinforcing an earlier post by Sharky, the kiosks at the Golden Gate were out of service when I was over there this morning.

They'll still take your entries/selections at the windows, but I wouldn't wait until the last minute tomorrow to enter and/or put selections in. It's their first week with this contest, so, as Sharky suggested, I would plan accordingly to leave room/time for some glitches.
"Lifting me higher, higher and higher . . . " now is the background music:

as of Sat Sep 7 11:00AM there are
1,813 entries
$128,250+ in “quarter” prizes
awarded every month