2019 MLB Postseason


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Cardinals overmatched in every aspect of the game. Embarrassed to be a cardinal lifer watching this team. They over achieved all year.
Fowler has been terrible, Delong is lost at the plate.
Carpenter has been terrible the entire year....I could honestly see them closer to last place in the division next year if they don't find some hitters.
Washington looks good.

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The Cards appeared full of life after beating the Braves in the NLDS.

They seemed to die after Shildt's obscenity-filled postgame speech last Wednesday.

Lifeless now.
i cannot see this encarcion in the lineup for the yankees in a big series... good thing they got stanton... WOW.
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Have to say this favors Astros even though Yanks get to throw Tanaka tomorrow.
Bigger problem for Yanks is Ottavino out of pen can no longer be inserted into big spots. Losing one of the key arms out there in a series where four games/four days would probably have to be played to win...