2020-21 NBA season

I completely 1000% disagree. If books want action theyll get it. They have used cancelled games to their advantage for a entire year.
I was the move on Cincy +1 at Tulsa. 3 weeks later it was Tulsa +14.5. Hundreds of these examples.
There were 100s of games like this. If they wanna open 3 and close 12 and 9 at 3k a pop per number then let's gamble
What's fair in love and war. They dont give you your money back when you bet Stanford +13 and 2 minutes before kick 8 starters are ruled out.
Agree 100%. The problem for the books is the leaked information from all these alternative sources. NBA needs to get a tighter grip on this and be the source of these decisions. They need internal policies that tells all players and team staff that they are not to share any of this material information with other people. No one. If it gets out before the teams or the league announce it they can face penalties.

There is a current issue going on with a player for Spanish soccer team Atletico Madrid having told his buddies he was going to transfer to the team before it got announced. His friends went and bet a lot of money with the books and word got out. He was handed a 6-week suspension without pay by the English authorities since that's where the betting occurred but there is a controversy about it because he didn't bet nor profit directly from it. Still it was clearly a violation because he made comments to the friends that made it clear they could bet on it at that point, so clear insider information. All leagues if they are going to be in a world where they benefit from betting should take heed of these situations and put clear policies in place so players or staff know they will get dealt with if they do this, its not an excuse if you just tell a family member or some local media guy you like.

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Dude it opened -3 went to 4 stayed for 2 hours with news leaking we knew no harris, Simmons and Embid was ? It went to 5.5 and 6 everyone and mom pounding it all morning. Embid goes out on screen and the lineup is announced they take it OTB and reopen at 10! What are you talking about?!?!?
You had 20 minutes from 10-12 and it closes at tip 12:30 if you took a beat in this game...

The bad beat of the day was Miami. Take a look at that end game.

Just looked up the Heat game.

The NBA has some sick end-game beats.

And the reason is obvious.

The NBA guys with their incredible athleticism and ability to run and jump are capable of scoring in bunches more so than their college counterparts.

Advancing the ball to three-quarters court on most timeouts inside of two minutes is another reason for the increased late-game scoring.

About the game DRINK mentioned:

The Heat opened a 5.5-point favorite at most spots.

Bet up to as high as -11 before settling in at -10.5 as the widely-available closer after Bradley Beal was a late scratch.

Score after three quarters: Heat 103 Wizards 86.

Miami then scored the first seven points of the fourth quarter to sport a 24-point lead with less than 11 minutes remaining in the game.

But that's only half the story.

Miami led by 14 with two minutes left in the game only to have the Wizards outscore the Heat 11-1 the rest of the way.

A tip-in at the buzzer by Washington's Troy Brown Jr. with 0.1 seconds left completed the scoring.

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Is anyone betting these games besides pros? Hockey will be even worse with the vague upper and lower body injury. College sports are the worst, but the NBA is right there for betting. Guess after football season I'll wait for baseball.
More post-game notes: If you watched Harden's.....he's definitely gone. Problem is not so much
the contract but his style of play, although if Nets can swing it and he's willing to take a lesser
role they would be something.

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Feel for Durant. He’s surrounded by 2 nutcases.

Durant may be a nut case, too.

Remember the crying episodes early in his career?

He also says he plays angry because he feels overlooked by the media.


I love the guy's offensive skill but he doesn't play much defense, he's not a great teammate and he has zero personality in my book.