2021-2022 NHL Thread


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Death, taxes, and the Leafs losing an elimination game
I really thought this was the year. Their best chance to close it out was in game 6. Just couldn't slay that beast. Vasilevskiy record in elimination games is crazy good. Hasek like numbers. Wasn't even him really though. They couldn't get a shot past the team in from of him in that 3rd period. They seem ripe now for a letdown after that, and now face their cross-state rival in the Panthers who have been waiting for this oppertunity. Would then need to likely beat the Avs. Tip of the cap if they are still standing and can get the three-peat. Fantastic job building that team in a salary cap world.


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Rangers looking great after 40 minutes. Could easily be 4-0 if not for Raanta.

Cannot wait for the Battle of Alberta. I think the Flames are built to destroy them but hope the Oil find something magical...


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Taking Leafs over 6 in Zona tonight. Will be a gong show game.
Can you believe Holland -Oilers (and others) are seriously looking at Kane?
Here’s 3 pretty good reasons why. And they wouldn’t do it if McDavid and Drasetti wouldn’t signed off on the signing. They are desperate at this point and have little to lose but cash.
[IMG alt="thehockeywriters.com"]https://s3951.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Evander-kane-Sharks.jpg[/IMG]

Oilers Have 3 Good Reasons to Go Out and Acquire Evander Kane

On the surface, trying to acquire Evander Kane is a mistake. But, if he becomes a UFA, there are three good reasons the Oilers should try.
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Kane pickup making Holland look like a genius and may very well have saved his butt from getting canned. 3 goals tonight, 6 sog, and 10 hits. Not to mention the guy protecting McDavid allowing him to do things hockey fans have never witnessed before. I heard a TSN talking head say this game and playoffs just earned him a multi-million dollar contract next season. Though I wouldn't pay this POS anything. Was a fantastic move and a no-brainer nonetheless.