2022 NHL Playoffs Thread


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I'm not the biggest NHL guy but I do enjoy betting the playoffs.

I usually take the all-dog approach but this year it appears there will be a lot of short prices.

Moneypuck.com has some interesting predictions, their Eastern conference model looks real wacky.

I have one future on Minnesota to win the West, that's it so far.

Curious to see what futures you guys are on if any.

I'll post my plays in here.


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Before the season I made a future on the Panthers to win the Cup at +2000, and even though they had one of the best offenses the league has seen in a long time, I don't think their goaltending is good enough to win it all, we'll see, GL with your plays


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Kings are the best road team in the NHL - units won wise. Not so great at home. I was 100% sure Kings would get at least 1 in Canada. I am 100% sure the Kings spilt - at worst - in LA so I will gladly take around +125 here knowing if they lose G3 I will come back and get them again as a dog in G4.

Blues and Tampa are short home faves and I will take my chances with both, with each around -120ish.

Rangers -118ish looks cheap for G3

I know Dallass and Calgary have played a pair of 1-0 games and most games will be low scoring. But I am 100% sure we will get one game that is high scoring and sails over the total, by a lot. I think it happens in G3 or G4 where we get something like a 5-3 kind of game.

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Hope this isn't sexist but MY GOD do we have to hear that chick do the play by play again???

It's the only time I turn the volume off during NHL playoffs, I just can't listen to her.

Ok, back to topic, rant over.