2023 Deaths (Pool)......


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The CDC said one of its vaccine safety monitoring systems – a “near real-time surveillance system” called the Vaccine Safety Datalink – detected a possible increase in a certain kind of stroke in people 65 and older who recently got one of Pfizer’s updated booster shots.

I could see that. The thing is that is 65 y/o.. If that many people were dying like the people are posting here ..... well where is the 50 million dead in the USA ?

they are staying up all night to get an article from south Dakota ...man bites dog.


WSJ this past week had the numbers... the vax dead are getting crushed from the ones that lived..not even close


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Can I add my mother? It’s been a rough year.

Sorry to hear this. I know how amazing you were when I went thru all I did 4 years ago. IT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! I still have the letter you sent me.

2023 is 2 weeks old and already it sucks for you. My deepest condolences


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just like in genesis 5 when satan sent nephillim to mess up Gods blood line, the AI and transhumanism community which includes elon musk wants to put wite in brains, the WEC world economic forum wants to install a medical and AI tyranical control.. in old testament God sent flood, this time post rapture will be 7 yrs of trib with nukes, and viruses and fire

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Chris Ford, ex NBA player from the Celtics passed away…He played for Holy Spirit High School in South Jersey…I played against him many times in pickup games…good dude….he was 74…RIP

I have a similar story. Bubba Baker saved me from getting hit on the head with a basketball when I rushed the court to get an autograph during warmups of a Lions all stars game. My moms snapped the money shot moment. Lost the picture.


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OK, this guy isn't dead (at least yet), but another sub 50 year old (former) athlete just goes into sudden cardiac arrest. But nothing to see here folks:


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Bando won three consecutive world championships as captain of the A's from 1972 to 1974, leading the American League in extra-base hits (64), doubles (32) and total bases (295) during the 1973 season, when he hit .287 while playing in all 162 games.