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That's a very poor number for the Idiot, among those Cultists. Many of them are in Brooklyn, and the sane in Brooklyn are as anti Idiot as it gets, so these crazies votes are irrelevant. Biden will get the Usual 65-70% of the Jewish vote overall.



Oct 14

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Huge? There are only around 500K Orthodox Jews in the entire country of 330 million. Most live in the Northeast which is solidly blue. Most a(especially Haredi Jews) already lean toward the GOP. In 2019 the same poll had Trump with 89% support so this has actually dropped.


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I wouldn't say that, because I have friends who are OJ. But I will say they are batshit crazy, and some of the biggest hypocrites alive, including my friends. And they freely and proudly admit it.
I remember BR calling them that. I know nothing about the orthodox Jewish community vs the others.