A little history and a new contest hopefully


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Highly doubtful.

I was there when Denny Green served as the head coach at Northwestern.

At the time, Green was the youngest head coach in D-1 football.

Green came to our fraternity for a Fireside Chat.

I wasn't impressed.

He was a highly-touted Bill Walsh disciple.

The Cats suffered through a 34-game losing streak in the early 1980's.

I still have a button the school handed out at the turnstiles of a home game against Michigan State when the losing streak reached 27 games.

The button read, "Stop State at 28."
Remember the Francis Peay Days?
Im assuming he means you say I alot, and brag alot, get offended on any disagreement. are a narcissist, on your podcasts your football venacular is subpar, but you talk like an authority. it is off putting for many.
Was never bragging. You and another called me a fraud. I only have a record to go by. Not wealthy, not flashly but am overly outgoing and friendly to almost all as you recieved. Sorry if forum stuff the last 2 weeks came across poorly to those outside of bird.

I dont like betrayal of motives by anyone involved in my personal life. Sports betting or otherwise. When losses occur they are owned up to same as wins. Not a hard concept. I am on Twitter everyday you can see I update my MLB record daily and weekly even when it gets ugly. Football transparent BIQ records are there evey day I release and C Bob has my permission to release my recirds anytime he likes. There is never any reason to root against me or hope I am losing. Its sickening honestly.

If my football knowledge and what I bring is subpar. Why have you hung on every word for half a decade or more?
Move along and only one of us will ever notice I promise.

Working on 2 sports, betting cbb steam and plays from some others and spending 32 hours in the office the last 3 days while you post 100 times and create threads.. we aren't in the same line of work.
Take care and good health to all