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I had an under in the Xavier/Northern Iowa game the other night. I turned the game off with just under 2 minutes to play and a 26 point cushion for my under. I thought that was big enough for insane foul-a-rama. I was wrong.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Re: Bad beat thread

Don't watch or follow games I wager or at all really.

No bad beats. Just an account balance.
Me, too

Not like I can control what happens so why watch every second. I make the bet and rarely watch or pay attention until it is over or close to it. Much better for my health
Had a boxing match tonight but was afraid to make a solid pick. It would turn into a bad beat for me when I'm not really sure of my pick . Ryan Garcia lightweight heavily favored over Fonseco. Match in Anaheim about to start. Garcia is the obvious pick but LS Fonseco has a lot of overlooked talent. Garcia may squeek through but i am thinking a small bet on the longshot might pay off. We' ll see in a few minutes
Ryan Garcia tagged Fonseca in first round. Long shot play was the bad beat. Am looking at Duke -10 (vs an average Notre Dame team) buying points tomorrow. That one might actually fly