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TYVM Morgan William!!!
Week 1: Steelers

Although let the record state I am VERY uneasy about this pick. I am doing it anyway but I think this is a 50/50 game with 5 minutes left and might come down to a last-second FG that is either made or missed to decide the game.

John Kelly

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1. Winky
2. Railbird
3. TheGuesser
4. Brayden11
5. Stevo
6. sharky99
7. richsox24
8. ChiTownJoe
9. Prickly Pete
10. Jammer
11. Blueline
12. TobyTyler
13. trytrytry
14. CecTheFleece
15. BigDeemer
16. kbhirsch
17. WeinketoWarrick
18. turksure
19. Patkeats
20. brians

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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BigDeemer and KBHirsch will be rooting for the Texans to lose tonight.

TheGuesser is the first Survivor contestant eliminated after the Titans bombed the Browns, 43-13.

We could have as few as 17 contestants advance to Week 2 or as many as 19.