BigOrange College Baskets

Re: BigOrange College Baskets

9-9 -.1 unit

178-163-14 +15.6 units YTD

Sunday Plays:

Day-4 -120 3 Units $$$$$$ Monster Play (16-8-2 YTD)
St John's-2 -120 2 Units
Rider-7 2 Units
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Easy 3-0 Day ! +7 Units

181-163-14 +22.6 Units YTD

Starting to make a real run now. Happens every year just usually earlier than this.
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Road Warrior Monday Specials! Looking for a 4-0 night!!

Conn+3 -120 3 Units $$$$$$$$$$ Monster Play (17-8-2 YTD)
Butler-1 -120 3 Units $$$$$$$$$ Monster Play
Man+4 -120 2 Units
Niag+3 -120 2 Units
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Thanks Natty. CBB is my best sport. I struggled through Nov, Dec, and half of Jan, but now I am really catching my stride. Hope to get to +100 units by March Madness!
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Off to a great start tonight!

What a terrible looking schedule for Tuesday! Huge favorites littering the sheet and not many live dogs on there either. Most look more like wimpering rats than barking dogs!
I might come back with some totals, but these are the only two sides I'll play!

Miss St+10 2 Units
UNLV-4 3 Units $$$$$ Monster Play
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Love it when Im on the same side as you man. Helps me believe Ive done something right. Got plenty extra on Niagara because of you and Micelli so thanks. It helped make a 1-1 day into a respectably profitable day.:cheers
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4-3 +1.1 Units. Had a chance for a great night but Ark St laid down at the end on me!

185-166-14 +23.7 Units YTD

Tuesday Plays:

Miss St+11 -120 2 Units
UNLV-4 2 Units

Looking hard at South Carolina, Wyoming, and Iowa St but nothing on these yet!
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Wednesday Plays:

Wich St P 2 units
Sorry Excuse-2 2 Units
BC-1 -120 3 Units $$$$$ Monster Play
Cent Flor-3 3 Units $$$$$ Monster Play
Day +1
WF-2 2 Units
JMU +1
Il St+1 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
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Damn Big O, you must really like Syracuse .....:LMAO. I happen to like BC also. Very good. Best of luck on your Wednesday card.
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1-2 -3.5 Units Tuesday Night
7-4 +5.3 units Wednesday Night (Damn those two late degenerate actions plays!!!)

193-172-14 +25.5 Units YTD

Thurs Plays:

Xav-8 -120 2 Units
Butler-11 2 Units
MTSU-2 -120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play (20-11-2 YTD)
Haw-1 2 Units
Samford-3 -120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
Coll of Chas+2 -120 2 Units
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what is going on with MedtennSt man and Samford shit the bed. I cant buy a win haha. Good luck the rest of the night
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1-1 -.2 units

199-178-15 +21.6 Units YTD

Saturday Plays:

TN-3 2 Units
Tex-2 -120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
Iowa-2 2 Units
Xav-6 -120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
Ark St-2 2 Units
UNLV+5 2 Units
St Mary's -3 -120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
E Wash-1
Re: BigOrange College Baskets

Need to win the late ones!!!

Sunday Plays:

Ill-2 5 Units (Play of the Year) 1st Play over 3 units all year!
Day-2 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
PSU-1 2 Units
S Hall+2 -120
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Saw your Illini thread and got on Ill with ya. Just finnished writing up my picks and now I see your big on Dayton too..... WooooooHooooo. Gonna stick with those. Lets get these Big O.
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4-6 -10.3 units (terrible day on big plays)

2-2 +.5 units (Dayton loss was very disappointing)

205-186-15 +11.8 Units YTD

Big Monday Card:

Mizz-4 -120 2 Units
Boise+2 -120 2 Units
Woff-2 2 Units
Re: BigOrange College Baskets

Big O, just wanted to thank you for the Illini play...Great way to finish off my weekend.

It was greatly appreciated!!!

Stay hot...
Re: BigOrange College Baskets

Tuesday Plays:

Prov+1 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
Marq+5 2 Units
Fla+4 2 Units
SHall-1-120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play
Mich St-4 2 Units
Re: BigOrange College Baskets

Good luck Big O, much as I hate to do it I am going to go against you and take Nova. Might follow on the Hall however. Gonna be a light card for me otherwise.
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would love to hear your analysis on marq play, if you get a sec.

Sorry I couldn't get to this earlier, just got home from work!

These are two very evenly matched teams. Marquette has owned Villanova in the recent past and I just can't see this line being higher than 2. I see Marquette beating them by 5-7 tonight.
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2-2 Monday

4-1 Tuesday

211-189-15 +18.8 Units YTD

Wednesday Plays:

St Bonnie+14
BG-4 2 Units
Drake-2-120 3 Units $$$$ Monster Play (23-16-2 YTD)
N Iowa-5-120 2 Units
St Louis-3-120 2 Units
Chas-7 2 Units