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hey Orange I think you can change it 2010 National Champions now. Keep the faith! I like the Xavier play. Good luck on your plays


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I have UTEP -3.5 in a teaser. Let's have UTEP win by 4,5,6, or 7. How's that sound? haha. Good Luck BIG O
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1-2 -1.7 units. Looked like a 3-0 night, but two last second one point losses, doh!

303-271-21 +18.2 Units YTD

St Mary+4 2 Units
UTEP+2 1 Unit
ODU-6 1 Unit
Xav+7 2 Units
Mem-4-120 1 Unit
Az+9 1 Unit
Mich St-1 2 Units
OK-1 4 Units Huge Play
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Great year Big O, thanks for posting man. Always look forward to seeing your plays. Mucho respect for your opinions. See ya next season. Do you play baseball?

I took the over in the final. No real big opinion just an action play to top off what was a dissapointing year for myself.

Take care man, Natty. 12io4j2w90
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I wanted to play this game in the worst way, but just couldn't put myself on a side. I liked NC to win but didn't want to lay all that wood and the total seemed about right as well.

No baseball for me until the playoffs. I'll be back firing again when football comes around. I may post some golf as well.

Thanks Guys for the support and feedback, have a great summer!