Bills and Saints


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In the offseason (assuming we have bars not locked down), Mitch will be hitting on some bimbo; "yeah, I'm clutch; I threw a touchdown pass on the final play of the game in the NFL playoffs".
It is the Browns, so we can anticipate some bonehead plays out of them to keep the Steelers in it at least. Should be a fun game from this point on...

John Kelly

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Current score: Browns 14 Steelers 0 with six minutes left in the first quarter.

Browns are driving in Pittsburgh territory.

Current line shows Cleveland -8.5 points.

John Kelly

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Current score: Browns 28 Steelers 7 with 1:44 left in the second quarter.

Cleveland is a 15.5-point favorite right now with a total of 61.5.

NBC football commentator Cris Collinsworth said, "Trust me, the Pittsburgh Steelers are still in this football game."

Money line price right now: Cleveland -1100 Pittsburgh +700.

John Kelly

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Impressive, especially since they deferred to get the football until the 2H.

Good point.

A defensive touchdown on the first play of the game has more value than returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown.

According to in-game offerings, the snap over Ben's head and resulting touchdown was worth about 5 to 5.5 points.