Bobby Hurley to St Johns....


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The rumor is they're throwing Hurley's name out to keep Pitino's price down.....boosters want Pitino. Interesting, they
threatened to cut off support unless Mullin is removed.

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I’d be a little surprised.

Hurley is building something here. Pac12 is ripe for the taking. Hurley and the ASU admin get along. His wife loves the Desert.


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I don't think the Pope could make St John's a final 4 team. Who knows what happened but it would be pretty disrespectful by the AD not to be more supportive and say nice going - let's keep improving. Sure smells like Mullins thought if the AD cannot be more supportive than that he can shove it?


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Pitino was lobbying for the job yesterday and could resurrect the program if given the chance. However Pitino's ego still large. He won't
accept the job unless the Southern District of New York apologizes for intimating, in their complaint, he was one of the
coaches in the bribery scandal of 2017. To date he swears he never gave any player $5.
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I don't think St John's could even be close to paying Richard Pitino.I'm pretty sure its gonna be a second tier guy,although Frank Martin might be interested.That would be a great hire.The money issue again though


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He can coach talent if he can get it recruited. To get the talent he would have to be out there beating the bushes himself. Assistants will not be able to sell it for him like in the past. How do you think he would do on a lie detector test???

I see a Brooklyn kid and one from Queens. One other from the state of New York and one from New Jersey. Why is it so difficult to recruit from their own city?
If Cluess goes to St. Johns I would think Herenda has a shot at Iona gig. Herenda is a super talented coach and Iona would be the natural progression.I had him pegged for Fordham very soon. We will see.Either way GH won't be at FDU very long...hes too good


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Adam Zagoria is a fuckstick but has insiders at st John's he will have any news first . His Twitter is his name.

Gotta be crazy taking that job . Team will be HORRIFIC for the next few years.