Broncos Are A Mess...

2 Gone.

Not to mention their long snapper got hurt too. Can't make this shit up haha


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Wilson has been playing with a shoulder injury, explains the poor accuracy. Hard to see it improving much without rest.


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I've never seen a player get 4 pass interference calls in one game...Mathis managed somehow.


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The excuses keep mounting for Wilson, first a lat issue, now Russell played with
a pulled hamstring.

Reports are it's severe which might be a blessing in disguise for Denver.

Russell just collecting a paycheck now.


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You get those types of injuries from a piss-poor line.

True....but they can't get one or two yards on 3rd down to keep a drive alive.

It's the play calling from the sidelines, which also explains their brutal red zone efficiency.

I had a good laugh when Hackett said at halftime it's just Russell being Russell (10/10 first quarter).....he might not want to see on tape anything after that.

On obvious passing downs, LAC blitzing everyone all night, yet Russell taking 3-4 step drops. The line can only block so many guys why DEN leads league in a sacked Qb, theirs.
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Lateral movement likely a real concern, so play calling had to adjust to circumstances as they are. Or, go back-up which takes the macho out of Russell.


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Jets are massively overrated at this point, no?

Broncos at pick'em? I'll bite again.

Jets coming down to earth soon...


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This game is a big tell. Are the Jets this good or the Broncos this bad?

Pk!? A over-reaction? Not a game I want skin in.


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When Lovie and Houston shut them out in the red zone, a 10 point favorite....

I knew 'Let's Ride' was really 'We're Fried'....


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Cool story about assistant coaches sleeping at the Bronco facility to correct things for weeks.

No family or outside contact....

Working? lol


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You wonder what management does all day evaluating player personnel. See below:

The Seahawks have averaged +0.5 EPA per game on defense, which is average. But on offense, Seattle has averaged -2.9 EPA per game during Wilson’s last 17 starts, about the same as the 2019 Denver Broncos, who had Joe Flacco, Drew Lock and Brandon Allen behind center.

The Seahawks during Wilson’s last 17 starts have averaged 21.7 offensive points per game, one point below the league average. They have lost to teams that started Colt McCoy (twice) and John Wolford at quarterback. They have won close games against teams that started C.J. Beathard (26-23 final score) and Dwayne Haskins (20-15).

Even sadder is they gave him a extension. The handwriting was on the wall.


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I'm proud of myself for realizing the Broncos were garbage early. I'm not proud of myself for not continually hammering the under in their games.

Wilson is so popular with teammates he couldn't even get a third of the team to attend his birthday party the other day.


TYVM Morgan William!!!

NO WAY they bring him back next season. So just get rid of him NOW.

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Quote…”Russell Wilson is the greatest QB of all time”

You can’t make that stuff up….that was from Railbird three years ago…