Cam and Kaep


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The thing is there's only going to be 2 pre-season games and those might get cancelled, so Tua won't have the usual amount of games for him to show what he can do, normally he would have 4 pre-season games, not the case this year, plus who knows what type of practices they'll be able to hold. If this was a normal offseason I would tend to agree with you, but Tua just wont have enough games or practices to show what he's got. You could be right, if the Fins coaches feel like he's ready, he could start, but going with Fitz seems like the logical decision and giving Tua his chance at some point during the season
I wouldn’t start him vs NE for a lot of the reasons you gave. Thats a tough first start for any qb. I would be surprised if he’s not starting by week 8, unless Miami is playing well.
I don't know how healthy he was in those starts. We'll see how he plays this year, to me it's all about risk/reward, the risk is very low, the reward is potentially high
he was far from healthy.

the moment that I keep remembering is Cam loading up to throw deep in week 1 (can't remember the WR) with the WR blowing by the defending and Cam throwing it about 45 yards in the air.

The play should have been an easy TD but instead it was badly under thrown with the WR making a play on a jump ball.

His shoulder was still messed up.