Coronavirus Dashboard

Worldwide cases up 3% isn't even a sustainable amount. Of course case count doesn't reflect true numbers since testing isn't being done enough. Still it probably reflects the increase in undetected cases too. If the virus only infects 3% more in a day, it is dying out because most people who got it are no longer spreading it within 10-14 days so the virus needs at least a 7% rate to sustain itself and anything above that to expand.
I have no idea how long the number of cases will rise.
But I think we can project numbers two weeks ahead

So my unofficial guess is 2K, by next Friday and 3K the one after that-- rate of increase is slowing down a bit

How it goes after that, I dont know

Not too bad.

Mind you, at that time the daily number was 1167.

The peak was either yesterday(2750) or today --- better than most experts' prediction

BTW the 60K they talk about will be easily surpassed.

We should be at 50K by the end of the month