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I go back and forth on this. In college hoops, it will give the experienced team a bigger advantage. One byproduct of this is the refs will not be intiminated by the crowd.
The crowd loves the underdog. The biggest effect comes when the best seed in a 4 game set is down and now has 3 opposing fans bases cheering against them that gives added energy to that team.


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All the conference tournaments are getting cancelled, so far the ACC and the Big10, I'm sure others will follow suit, and I highly expect the NCAA tournament to get cancelled as well
Interesting, haven't seen anything, but probably each cancelled conference will designate a regular season champ as their automatic NCAA bid like the Ivy league.
Not sure why the NHL hasn't cancelled the season
At 1pm ET they are going to make an announcement. Seems 99% likely they will suspend the season like the NBA and MLS. MLB can't be far behind.

Long way off from anyone canceling their seasons, they all realize things need to just pause for some time to let the worst pass. The tournaments and short events like tennis, golf and NASCAR are the ones at real risk here.
It really is a shame this was the first year in a long time mid majors had a legitimate chance to do real damage in the tournament
Yeah. Right. Somebody on Twitter posted a $80 dayton future ticket to win like $12,000.

How about the seniors? Why dont they give them another shot? Myles Powell tears. Finally got a decent team this season. C.Winston career done at Michigan State just like that?

You know damn well NCAA wont give any exceptipn to these guys. Its a sad thing all around.
Mother fukers coming in from Mexico illegally, coming in from these countries that cook dog meat on the road. All sorts of food that isnt approved and healthy to any standard.

We are the most powerful country in the world and we have to shut our society down basically over idiots whether it was started on the street of butangshockalow or labs of some wanna be doctors or chemists... bullshit

He cant name two cricket players without googling
Being able to name players has never been a requirement to win at sports betting.

I'm sure he creates his own power rankings and compares that to what is offered and only releases a play when there is value.

Betting on checkers and hula hoop matches must have huge value since no one has ever released plays in those markets.

He isn't the best in the world by accident.

How does he do it?
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