COVID-19 report from my nurse friend in the hospital

Bob I have been all over the country and world to see casinos. I'm about as knowledgeable on the subject as can be. I have worked with lawyers on this issue and trust me you are just assuming a lot. The reason why they can't have casinos is because the federal court ruling states they can only have the same gaming as is legal in the state. So yes you could say the states control their gaming. However once that gaming has been approved the state loses the right to dictate terms to the Tribes. Compacts don't have to be agreed to by the states so in some cases like California there is more gambling than there might have been if voters didn't agree to it. So if Utah doesn't want casinos they are free to keep them out and that's the situation there. But look at Oklahoma, the governor is over a barrel and can't stop the Tribes from dictating terms to him even as he swears he can call the shots. Same thing played out years ago in Florida, governor just had to give up as sign the compact with the Seminoles or else get nothing from them and have no way to stop them.
Thanks for admitting I'm right. States do control whether the tribal casinos exist. Period. The governors just opted for most expedient way out.

Fortunately, they had the common sense to shut themselves down which always is the best way since its voluntary.