Don't forget to bet against black coaches

baseball has WAR, wins above replacement, consider early season basketball, football riding the new coach from a fired coach. that has worked well this yr.
Ernie Kent has to go.

Year 5 at Wazzu and you lose to montana state (who is not good) at home!

He needs to be at a Big West or Big Sky school where he may possibly win.
romar isn't off to a slow start at pepperdine, Gottfried doing better than theus by a mile. Billups has Denver nose diving a downgrade from joe scott. beavers are believing again, after michelle Obama brother had them in last every yr


EOG master
Who covered the two years before that? Stanford plays hard nosed physical football, WSU plays fruity tooty throw the ball 60 times a game while playing zero defense soft as butter football, you can have Mr air raid, I'll take Shaw every day and twice on Saturday