Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow

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He has won almost as many play off games in Denver as Manning has, his play off win percentage is certainly better there.

NFL blackballed the guy plain and simple they are more comfortable with murderers (how many does hernandez make?) half a dozen or close to it. Thats just the guys who killed or helped kill people. Or guys who beat their women and kids. Tebow is religious and a white knight and its bad for their image I guess.

Here is a list


that doesnt include the guy who played for the Rams who had about a hundred DUI arrests and ended up killing a couple people drunk driving, not sure how they missed that one. Guess vehicular manslaughter didnt make the cut.
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Pulling for him. The guy can play. I hope he gets a start.

Total QBR? Who created that stat, Jaw + Gruden? Pure BS.
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It is crazy how many NFL players have had a hand in killing a guy (or guys):

* Aaron Hern
* Leonard Little
* Stallworth
* Brent (from Dallas)
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ray caruth might be the worst one, killed pregnant girlfriend
Hernandez is far worse then Rae. I'm not saying what Rae did was right by any means, but he had a baby on the way with this girl and wanted no part of it. So he had her killed

Hernandez has been accused of committing a double murder, for which he hasn't gone to trial yet, because one of the guys "bumped into him" in a club and he felt disrespected:LMAOso he pumped a bunch of bullets into the car and killed both guys at a stop light...Again, because he got bumped into at a club

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Hard to believe, Rae Carruth is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018.

Here's the most bizarre part of Carruth's capture: He was eventually captured after being found hiding in the trunk of a car outside a motel in Parkers Crossroads, Tennessee. Also, in the trunk was $3,900 in cash, bottles to hold Carruth's urine, extra clothes, candy bars and a cell phone.


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Re: Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow

I always have been of the opinion that without the circus atmosphere that follows him Tebow could be a decent backup QB. Never a long term solution, but a guy who could come in if your starter got hurt and give you decent results for a game or two.

Those looking to have him play another position like TE have always been way off base. He just isn't athletic or quick enough to play outside and is way behind the learning curve of others who have spent their entire careers at their position.

If he has any future in the league it is as a backup QB, not a change of pace or a 5 plays a game guy, just a solid 2nd QB.
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