Eastern Conference Finals: Bucks v Raptors


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Warriors in 5 over the Bucks. They split the first 2 in HELL (Milwaukee - if you have ever been there - same difference) and then the Warriors send the Bucks back to WI but they won't follow. If the Warriors play the Craptors it will also be 5 - Raptors finding a way to win Game 3 or 4
You ever been to Milwaukee or is this just more nonsense you spew?


TYVM Morgan William!!!
You ever been to Milwaukee or is this just more nonsense you spew?
Have I been to Milwaukee? Kinda, sorta, Yes and No

September, 2009.............a friend and I drove from South Bend to Green Bay. We drove thru Milwaukee around 11/11:30P-ish. Coming home the next day we drove thru Milwaukee around 7/7:30P.

So have I been in the city of Milwaukee? Yes. But not for more than a few seconds while driving thru after Sunset and not stopping to get out and check out the city/area


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Doesn't make a lot of sense for the Raptors to lose the first two at home and then beat the Warriors at Oracle as probably 8 to 11 point dogs in Gm 3 or 4.
I did not realize Warriors will NOT have HCA no matter who they play. That shows how little I pay attention to the NBA. Whoever wins the East splits the first 2 games at home then goes to CA and gets swept in all 3 and loses the series in 5


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Game 6 price: Raptors -2 and 213.5.
NOT SO FAST! Now that there is pressure and expectations on the Raptors this is the exact spot they have been known to CHOKE! Now I admit things may be different with Kawhi there but I need to see first. FWIW I will not be having anything to do with this game. I do know the NHL is big time rooting for the Raptors since G7 of the NBA ECF would go against G1 of the SCF and even though the NBA s on cable and the NHL is not the NBA will dwarf the NHL ratings. Or - even more so than usual. Even with Toronto involved and no ratings for that market for TNT


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Before the playoffs I thought whoever came out of the East would win the title, but now I'm thinking neither of these teams can beat GS four times