Edwin Jackson a Gold Mine his last 5 outings....

Can’t believe that Toronto is still letting Jackson start.....my pal Old Sandbagger here at EOG is cleaning up betting against him first five and the game....guessing Toronto is hurting for arms.....he came through for us again last night.....upgrade Old Sandbaggers power rating....


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This is a great example of how analytics over values velocity. You see he throws 95 and think this guy should be good. But he has zero deception and hitters see the ball well against him. If he threw 5 MPH slower but with better results, he would have been out of MLB years ago.

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Jackson is extremely fragile.

Last night, nobody on and two out in the top of the second inning of a scoreless game against the Yankees.

Infielder commits a throwing error on a routine grounder that would have ended the inning.

Jackson comes unglued.

Two batters later, the score was 3-0, Yankees.