EOG's favorite team (Chicago State is OUT, UC-San Diego is IN)

John Kelly

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Game 5 of an eight-game road trip for Chicago State.

As an independent, Chicago State booked only 12 home games this season.

Next season, Chicago State will compete in the Northeast Conference.


EOG Master
10 point dog @ UTEP

had the lead for awhile in 2nd half

best player was helped off the court with 7 mins left....didnt return

game-tying 3 with 2 seconds left rimmed out

a SU loss but an easy cover


EOG Master
UCSD Tritons now in 1st place big west. took 2nd place davis to woodshed up north 92-59, also got a W at the Bren which doesnt happen often


EOG Master
ChgoSt with a 76 point win over East-West and a 50 point win over StXavier

tonight a 12 point dog @ Duquesne......lost by 5 points ...cover never in doubt

broadcast team mentioned the line and also mentioned the ChicagoState team total.....times have changed


EOG Master
a blowout road loss for ChicagoSt 78-55......they had 6 games in a row without an ATS before tonight...5-0-1