EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (ComptrBob is our December contestant)

Pick #28 CBB 308712 Navy/Virginia UNDER 99 -110

Not often does a game feature two teams that have the slowest and next to slowest (Div 1) CBB adjusted tempo according to KenPom.
Record 12-16.

I underestimated how pathetic and overrated Virginia is this year. My numbers indicated value on the UNDERS.

However I did start to fade UVA with the S Carolina game. If I had faded them in all 3 I would have been 3-0 instead of 0-3. Lession learned.
Thanks to BetDSI, EOG and JK for the opportunity. Also thanks to all the well wishers. This certainly wasn't my best rodeo, tough constraints, but I've transitioned much of my betting to in-progress where I think I have a larger edge.