EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (PUCKHANDLER is our February contest)

play 10

line on Phoenix Suns on Pinnacle just went up to +17 -105

so my official play is Phoenix Suns +17 -105 vs Golden State

may regret this by half time
Note to self, stay away from basketball.

Just remembered why I always hated wagering on basketball. A 30 point cushion in the 1st quarter quickly evaporated and what was once looked like an easy cover became a little dicey near the end. Gladly Golden State simply just ran out of time. Another 5 minutes I would have been looking at a loss.

Record 6-4
was hoping to get the under 6.5 in the Calgary/Vancouver game .won't get to -110. will have to settle for under 6 +106. hope the 1/2 goal doesn't make a difference. hoping for a 3-2 game

play #11

Calgary/Vancouver under 6 +106

puck drop at 10:05 eastern

John Kelly

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Big trouble early.

Game now tied at two with six minutes left in the first period.

In-game total at 8.5 (OV -190) at William Hill.
still pissed at myself for not taking my best bet yesterday which was a wire to wire winner(Orlando) not to mention the 3 goals scored last 5 minutes in the Blackhawks game to kill my under.need to go 12-6 rest of way. the majority of my wagers are strictly fades. my Orlando wager yesteday was a strictly a fade play. couldn't name you one player on most NBA teams but read a post that was on Atlanta. knew Orlando was the correct play after reading the post. can't explain why, just have a knack to read when a poster is on the wrong side.will play most my fades the rest of this challenge. anyways my next play is

Virginia +1 -109 NCAA

missed out on +1.5 earlier so playing this before odds fall below -110 . I know a lot of sharp people on Virginia and many Touts are on NC. that's all I need to know.

John Kelly

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PUCKHANDLER is on pace to conquer EOG's Grand Challenge.

A record of 18-12 is worth $1,000 in cold, hard cash, compliments of BetDSI.
play #16

Washington Capitals +.5 regulation time -105 vs San Jose

Washington needs to win outright or a least take the game to overtime(win or lose) for this wager to cash
waited all aft for best line for this play at Pinny
let's hope my patience pays off. was +10 earlier in day

got St.Joseph's +12 -110 10 min ago

play 17

St.Joseph's +12 -110 vs Davidson