EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (VIEJO DINOSAUR is our January contestant)

would LOVE to see some podcasts with VD and factsman with John Kelly hosting.

One on ones with each for story time.

But the hosting bit is something in JK's rearview mirror.

Hard to see a great one step away with something left in their tank.

Megatron, barry sanders, john kelly.
Include Willy Loman in that podcast and you have a winner...
Would be 3-0 if that was true....you should be embarrassed for what happened in Washington DC today...
you mean antifa storming the capital? You havent seen anything yet, wait until the militias and patriots take out na
arturo.........take a look at alabama in the 1st half this year.
made nice money using them.

and there team total in the 1st half is impressive
they get out of the gate fast.
Hail to the Redskins +8? Its full sides full games only, no half or props allowed


The opening odds start here
Civility left EOG a long time ago.

It's now the Wild Wild West.

Sad but true.

I have no interest in babysitting the bad actors.

Fire shots at other contributors and expect fire to be returned.

Welcome to 2021.
Just like a lot of things, they choose their fate, they deserve what they get.

Robert Blake : "That's what we live with. "
JK...you were absolutely spot on....it is tough beating the NFL....just a horrible pick of Seattle...little bit unlucky with Buffalo being up 24-10 in the 4th quarter...

John Kelly

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Current record after nine documented contest selections is 4-5.

I'll root for 75 or fewer points (EDIT) to be scored in tonight's CFP Championship Game.
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