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This play went against VD's early read on the game.

On January 2, VD posted his first opinion on the CFP Championship Game.

Here's what he wrote:

Looks like dog and over....Fields was amazing.....Jones for Alabama not too shabby either.....
That’s what happens when you think too much...should have gone with my first impression....

John Kelly

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im a batman, vd isnt even a robin, he is more like potzie weber

Birdie's analogy jumped from Batman to Happy Days.

Instead of Potsie Weber as the punchline, Alfred the Butler would have been a better fit.

The insult would read: I'm Batman, VD's not even Robin, he's more like Alfred the Butler.

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John Kelly

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Kentucky opened -1.5 and closed -3.5 at William Hill.

The opening number was much better than the closing number.

Final score: Alabama 85 Kentucky 65.

VD falls to 5-7.

A 13-5 finish is necessary.

Improbable but not impossible.


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Put me on the team rooting for Artie! Met him in the Golden Nugget a few years ago and enjoyed the visit. Artie do you remember the tall guy?
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