EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (VIEJO DINOSAUR is our January contestant)

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EOG contributor MACAU has a good line about NFL pointspreads.

He says, "Don't bet into hard numbers."

For me, most NFL pointspreads look like hard numbers.

What's more, NFL numbers seem to only get tougher as kickoff nears.
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John Kelly

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Studying now for Friday's Stronach 5.

There's a $97,000-plus carryover and only a 12% takeout.

Five races from four different racetracks all packaged in about a one-hour span.

Base wager is only one dollar.

John Kelly

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September and November, for sure.

The start of the college football and college hoop seasons, respectively.

And the month of March gives Birdie a lot of college tournament basketball games, especially the minor tourneys like the NIT, CIT and CBI.

Why January?
can u imagine fat artie showing up for a interview at an offshore sports book

5dimes.....so fat artie how long you been in the field

fa......well its been 30yrs but ive pretty much been answering phone in bets

5dimes.....thats ok fat artie im sure youve learned a lot in those 30yrs, how much are you asking for

fa....my last job paid 5 an hour

5dimes......we pay a minimum of 10

fa....i'm not worth it

5dimes....get out

Railbird begging for nine dollars showing how cheap and needy he is....

How much you want on the Bills this weekend? Guessing nine dollars which is just a shade under your average bet according to CRIS numbers....