Eye on the Markets: Coronavirus Stocks/Investments thread


The opening odds start here
The market was insanely overpriced. The Robin Hood account holders had taken up a bunch of garbage stocks and reality is setting in.

Also supposedly Rona back on the rise in 8-9 states.
Also combine the long term forecast with the second wave fears, and a market closing vix of 41 which is up nearly 50% from yesterday. Wonder how many of those are rioters.
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finally american Xpress gets a foot into china a 27 trillion $ market ...visa & mastercard will soon follow.. tomorrow steam move on bank credit cards.. get on the train instead of in front of it.
I thought that Enphase Energy was a bit peculiar. This stock was $1.05 around the start of 2017. Up to just under $5 per share at the start of 2019. All the way up to $29 to start 2020 and peaked all the way over $60 last week. For a solar company? 60x increase in 3.5 years? Seemed odd. Turns out they were cooking the books. No guessing how far this one will fall.
Feels like the market could go sideways at least until November. Most hedge funds seem to have done well with the volatility so they can de-risk a bit, all the "easy" money from the kids playing on Robinhood is probably done so they will get bored and move onto something else, and the unknowns of the election and the "second wave" whatever that may be will keep big money from showing too much conviction in the summer. Even good news from vaccines or treatments probably don't have quite the same impact since the market is almost back to where it was in February.
top hedge fund rankings - 2018

1. bridgewater ----------------- ray dialo
2. Soros Fund Management -- george Soros
3. Citadel --------------------- ken Griffith
4. DE Shaw--------------------- various
5. Baupost ----------------------Seth Klarman

source LCH investments
If I've learned anything from a lifetime of investing is NEVER, EVER listen to statements like that. It's all nonsense, I learned the hard way..."they say this stock is a strong buy, have a high target", then you watch it crater and they maintain their rating until it's crashed by 75%, then they'll change their rating to hold.


The opening odds start here
Stock market ridiculously overpriced. Cash is King rifght now. Big correction coming.
Those gains is what generates it all. Market lost almost 1900 points in one day last week. Even if a correction is on the horizon, it will resurrect itself over a quick period thereafter as is the case with most situations.
covid stocks for vaccine

AstraZeneca Plc

Moderna Inc
AZ maybe but mainly because they have so many other options. I wouldn't invest in a company hoping they come up with a vaccine. Odds are really against it. And there's so many competitors trying right now. Diabetes and cancer aren't going away soon. I'd invest in companies heavily involved in that side of pharma.
Just like Jim Cramer.

He hates a stock at $35 but loves THE SAME stock at $45 about two weeks later

Cramer/trader is a newsman working for a financial news show... Goldman Sachs are financial services. Goldman is the major leagues ... cramer still in high school ball. robot took his place.. Cramer reminds me of someone on proline.
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