The ironic part is people who proclaim to be good gamblers, are often the worst conditioned people. I've seen and met so many sports gamblers, who were either so obsessed with excelling in their attempts to satisfy an ego or were really good at their craft, but isnt gambling on your physical health more important in the long run, than knowing who will cover a spread? A guy like Factsman unfortunately wont see a 75th or 80th birthday with that kind of extra weight. The late Eric Strasser was an encyclopedia of baseball knowledge, but didnt look after himself physically, and now no longer has the chance to watch baseball games. The person who is able to see the bigger picture, understands. Next time you go to the grocery store, grab two 10lb bags of potatoes, carry one bag in each arm around the store for 10 minutes, and you'll see how tired you get. Carrying alot of excess weight drains all your energy, and puts an incredible strain on one's heart. Not sayin', just sayin'.......
i'm not a teaser guy matt,

plus teasing +7 puts me on bad numbers

but...........after the results it would have been nice

sometimes when u take 7 and lose by 8 sucks
but its part of the game. i cant cry about it the rams where the right side and deserved the cover

nice call on the rams