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Naturally Fezzik beat the closers on Idaho St, New Mexico St, and UTEP, unfortunately a big goose egg on
all three.

On closer inspection, Fezzik's Kryptonite, anything -110.


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Fezz and Teddy Covers

I don’t understand why sports bettors are so critical of other.

Because They Swindle People Out Of Their Money.

Sports Bettors Don't To It To Each Other, But They Do, To Followers, Which They Seem To Need, To Survive.
No one is forcing anyone to buy plays. People will figure out if a guy or gal is or isn’t profitable and move on.

boston massacre

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No one is forcing anyone to buy plays. People will figure out if a guy or gal is or isn’t profitable and move on.

No one is forcing anyone to buy plays.

Never Even Implied That Some One Is Being Forced To Buy Plays.

I Am Implying That Fezzik and Teddy Covers Are Swindling People Out Of Their Money, With Their Sales Pitch.

Bottom Line On All This Is;

Long Term.

ZERO Profit For Customer.


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Steve Fezzik


I think that Mercer game almost went over in the 1st half alone right?
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Brad Powers

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Wasn't a banner day for chasing steam in the FCS:
North Carolina -32 to -45.5 LOSS
Western Kentucky -24 to -32.5 LOSS
Austin Peay/WKU OVER 64 to 72 LOSS
Morehead/Mercer UNDER 60.5 to 56 LOSS
Stephen F. Austin -3.5 to -7.5 LOSS (no action because game was called early).


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I'm dumbfounded by this guy. B2B Hilton NFL Winner and he's puffing his 80% hit rate on RHE in mlb.

Last week of NFLX and he has 2 ML plays, Thursday and Friday.

I guess NFLX as the candy store is over.

Those hundred dollar limit bets on RHE add up, I guess.


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Heim should

Even though computer Bob gets them already and could post the plays after for accounting purposes

Computer Bob is the goat


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Like NMST? Graded at +10, closes +7 and still selling it. Then you post the above.

Again, like they chided you on your forum, pretending to originate.

Dreamer, Chaperone and Czech would have a field day with you now as a tout.


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Congrats on Pitt -6.5. Always the best number. How do you do it?

A July release, I'm sure not one client got stuck with the 7 or 7.5.


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Ur a dombo late may release u had 3 weeks to bet -6

You're selling picks to customers for $19, packages as low
as $199 yet you're trying to tell me these same customers
are willing to tie up money in May for a September game!?

No, sorry, this is all about you and getting the best of it.


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Do you think it was a bad choice to "tie up money" and Bet Pit -6/-6.5 late in the Spring??

WTF is wrong with you!???

The Wv/PIT gm is the Posterchild of how to win.

AND YOU CRTICIZE THAT??? When we WIN with PIt -6.5??

SUCK IT HEIM. You just cannot handle people are actually GOOD at this.


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Talk to any sportsbook director, Vegas or online. 90 percent of the volume comes in on game day.

So your customers are the 10% looking to pick off good numbers at slow moving outs months ahead of time trusting your ability to beat the closer. Ok

Like Pitt will close -10!? lol
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Hey Fezzik, do your sharp friends who bet dimes, ever turn to you and ask if the play is so strong, why are you selling it for $19?

It would make me nervous.

I ordinarily prefer a lawyer who charges $350 a hour versus $125. It's that level of confidence in the quality of service.

That's just me.


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Kudos to Fezz.

Army +5
Boise under 60.5

I need to pay closer attention to the screen in May for September.


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Heim seems exceedingly familiar with Steve's package pricing. Quietly cashing in on that +67 unit YTD performance while complaining in forums about the occasional losing play?


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Kudos to Fezz.

Army +5
Boise under 60.5

I need to pay closer attention to the screen in May for September.

Also kudos to Fezzik for a mid-August play on Texas State +6.5, which closed at -2. Unfortunately, you can't win them all.


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Bob, can you please tell this Heim Donk i am NOT chasing steam

These plays move AFTER my releases.

Example: CFL today Toronto as the underdog.

Note: Anyone who thinks i know anything about CFL is mistaken. However, I have a team of CFL cappers/and they ALL lined up on this one.


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Would Fezzik dare release Rams +3 that was available for 12 minutes at South Point today? And
MGM 2 minutes?

That should be enough time for his customers to get down. lol


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I listened to the 29 minute podcast with Ross Tucker & Fezzik. They said jack during the podcast. There is no way Fezzik is deciding on his own who to bet. He knows basically nothing more than Meatman did about the NFL. Someone is for sure feeding Fezzik his NFL plays.


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In the NFL he picks off numbers, he'll admit he knows few players.

In the other sports a complete follower, steam chaser.

Krackamn is a big mlb derivative props guy because he
knows he can't win full game.

No doubt in my mind he convinced Fezzik to concentrate
on low total, RHE props to sustain some credibility during the season.

You can't go into the NFL puffing minus units in baseball. There is a carryover
effect, sales.

Fezzik is a salesman now...the sharp content, book advisory are gone.

At least now, due to my constant harping, his write-ups include book
availability of his number or close to it. And pulling plays down when
the number has moved considerably. A tad more transparent.

But then again you can't expect much for $21.

Talk to any heavy volume book in the day. They all welcomed his action.

He'll always puffs about his action being limited or not welcomed, naturally
props only. Like most bettors they profile sharp on props.


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Fezzik is a lot like Cokin. Zero business acumen.

The most profitable model is what Dr. Bob did (own site).

Concentrate on your strong suit justifying high pricing for a season.

And hire other guys on your site to do your non-preferred sports
and take a cut.

Bob had Gil Alexander do baseball for a few seasons, Gil had a incredible
opening season. I'm sure the money flowed even after consecutive shit

Why waste your time with Alcantara low limit RHE props or mlb salami?

To gain a few gimme units to sell a couple more 21 dollar picks!?

Stupid business sense. Not to mention splitting fees with RJ Bell.
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NFL bettors are in a frenzy, who is the B2B NFL Hilton Champ on? Surely he has
a opinion on a side or total opening night:


Same ole Fezzik.....