Fezzik----New Meaning To Mr. October

A common rule in sports betting is don't over react to what you see especially in the NFL.

Fezzik has all these predictions prior to week 1.

After week 1 he is downgrading and upgrading teams based on what he saw.

Example is upgrading the Raiders based on the idea that Ruggs and Jacobs look good.

He then gets a tongue lashing from RJ and I think he upgrades one team 1.5 points. (Seattle I think).

He has NO STANCE for this opinions and simply follows the direction that RJ leads and then abuses him into believing.

It's nice to sit back and watch a dumpster fire every now and then.


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Fezzik has been giving out 7 NFL plays on Fox radio the last 3 weeks. Bell insisted on it. To date B2B champ is
6-14-1. Bell trying to be cute allowing Fezzik to play each at -103.

Does Fezzik realize just another underhanded shot by Bell to make him look bad with Friday NFL numbers.

On another note talked about Friday, Fezzik won both Hilton contests by half a game. I didn't know that.
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Fezzik still plays in the Hilton contest (or whereever its held nowadays)??

Last time I checked (a previous year)I couldnt find him.

I was wondering if I made a mistake or

as my theory was, he stopped cause his lifetime "achievement' is getting perilously close to the Mendoza line.

Its tough to boast about the titles if he is a lifetime loser


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Fezzik all over the Bengals today....NFL underdog of the month no less.

Who would think MLB is his life line now.
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They're puffing his mlb record over at PG, a sport Fezzik has always said is not beatable. I would surmise
his NFL numbers are not too good.
From the You Knew It Had To Happen Dept:

Fezzik on DAL -1, and calling Dalton the best backup in football.
Add in bad travel spot for Arizona
Fezzik believes the books don't have the schedule to price this.

He did go 6-1 in his challenge vs rj bell.
Rj was very sheepish on the show today.
Its like rj wants him to lose.
Nice to see Fezzik has 1 good year after losing something like 9 straight years. I'm sure most of the winning plays are prop plays that mainly only pizza bettors can get in. The amount of people subscribing to his picks has to be under five after so many years of losing. When I first saw his name back up on a thread I was guessing he might have passed away or went back to being an actuary to make a living.
Fezzik's teaser of the year loses incl BAL +8.

They grade it a 3 unit winner probably because they still haven't fixed a system glitch which logs in GB minus a half as
the play.

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Must have been tough to watch Baltimore backup quarterback Tyler Huntley march downfield a couple of times in the fourth quarter in hopes of closing the margin to seven.

The Bills bend-but-don't-break defense allowed Huntley to make some plays between the 20's.

But when it came to penetrating the end zone, no luck.

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Teasers got a bad break with the injury.

Though Lamar did not play well last night.

Tyler Huntley missed a wide-open Marquise "Hollywood" Brown deep downfield on a desperate fourth-down play with less than seven minutes left in the game.

Fitting that the play of the game was a 101-yard interception return in a game where only 20 points were scored.