Hot Dog Betting Syndicate?


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Hide your wives , hide your money, especially hide the ketchup. They are destroying hot dogs and many books have taken down lines with their bets.

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Public has to be all over the over, because they can't help themselves.

I'm betting Under 73.5, as Chestnut is getting "long in the tooth".


The opening odds start here
The last year or two the public has been fooled. Didn't one year under bettors thought they had a win because a full hot dog was missed in the count and it had to be added to his tv total? Didn't affect the outcome that Chestnut won but I remember I took the over and was surprised in my account balance and won by half a frank. Guess the totals are unofficial and it all needs to be sorted out a minute or so after the final bell.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
I have watched the HD Eating Contest every year for as long as I can recall


I no longer purchase Nathan's dogs and will not watch ONE SECOND of the telecast

Last year the Nathan's Prez held a fundraiser for Der Fuhrer. That is is right. It is now my right to tell him and Nathan's to: FUCK OFF!

And I am!

Until the Nathan's Prez is gone I will not buy a Nathan's product or watch the show on TV

Actions have consequences
I am thinking the franks are getting smaller and smaller to keep beating the record.

A few years back they went from 12 minutes to 10, yet the number eaten still went up


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these Hotdog syndicates are real good. They go from supermarket to supermarket cleaning every place out of hotdogs

then they come back and bet the "No" hotdogs.