How much do fans contribute to home-field advantage?

Not really. It's not a pro football town. Rams drew abysmally in the 1980's and 1990's in Anaheim before moving to St. Louis in 1995. Chargers had a home field disadvantage at their small soccer stadium in Carson, CA, as the opposing teams bought almost all the tickets. Many fans at the LA Coliseum for Rams games are from out of town.
ya...Niners taking the Rams to the hoop 17 straight times in the 90’s probably didn’t help with their attendance either.

Gotta be a sore memory for Rams fans.
IF they were going to build a stadium in OC I think the best place would be around the "El Toro-Y" when the 5/405 meet (Weird fact: The 405 in SoCal runs between the 5 - in the Irvine area to the South and near Magic Mountain to the North......about 80-ish miles away). Put it there where there was (and still is ) plenty of open land. Put it near the Irvine Spectrum and it would be, as you said, about 70 miles from Downtown SD.

When the stadium was being built there was always going to be 2 teams to help defray the cost of the stadium. Chargers had no choice but to move to LA. If they stay in SD and another team comes to L - especially if the Raiders - the Chargers are done in SD. No way the area could support THREE teams within 100-miles of each other. The SD market is different fron LA but no way the area could support 3 teams so SD had to move.

If anyone moves overseas the first guess would be the Jags since the owner also owns Fulham (In the PL last season, in the 2nd tier now but should make the 4-team playoff for the right to get back to the PL in 2020-21). But who knows?
The Chargers are a joke. I have a family member who lives in Carson and he says surprisingly on Sundays you wouldn't know if there was a game or not. The stadium is so small that it doesnt really impact traffic away from the immediate vicinity. The only way you know it is when one of the teams that brings a lot of fans is playing because you'll see their fans wearing colors around, often the night before too. He said when the Pack played last season the restaurant he went to in neighboring Torrance was like a Packer convention. Even though the Chargers are around, he's a die hard Rams fan and goes to 2-3 Rams games every season but didn't even think of going to a game that's less than 3 miles away. The Chargers might as well be invisible, I really don't see how their sharing a stadium to somehow defray the cost is a better option than taking a team out of an existing market. Even though its just a couple hours away, many San Diegans are disgusted by the Chargers and the NFL. Is the NFL gaining anything in terms of new fans or TV viewers in LA from the Chargers and is it enough to offset what they lose in San Diego?
The two sports that statistically provide the biggest home field advantage are hoops and soccer.

No coincidence those two sports are also the most heavily influenced by officiating

The home field advantage in the NFL has been marginalized over the last 20 years or so

Also no coincidence the decline began with the implementation of replay review.

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Good points, Heisenberg.

Here's one more: Officiating in college sports is more susceptible to game-fixing or pointspread manipulation due to the sheer number of officials.
Good points, Heisenberg.

Here's one more: Officiating in college sports is more susceptible to game-fixing or pointspread manipulation due to the sheer number of officials.
So true. Especially the smaller schools that fly under the radar with most everyone except the alumni and gambling world.
Pucks have edges, it just caught an edge and made a far less than 90 degree turn. Go search for bad goal videos where guys score from 150 feet, always is the pick bouncing, catches an edge and then changes path just enough to be impossible to stop.