I demand Heisenberg make a statement


I Trade Therefore I Am
John, why is this political thread in this section of the forum? How about you do your job and move it where it belongs

If I were a dumb fuck like you, I'd be trying to suppress this thread too. Anything but the truth will do for you guys.


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I will post something nice about Sippy. This may be by accident or conscious. Absolute correct play to cut and run. Only play. Tweets and pizza to those left behind. The alternative is another war. If it is conscious, he is leaving Kamala a clean plate. To stay in would leave her a bunch of Hunter Biden crack pipes.

What he won't do but should is bomb the Leaving Las Vegas shit out of the Taliban on the way out to send a message to the world we are still the United States and you don't fuck with us.

Sippy will score 1 out of 2.
Are you still here? You may go now, you waste of time.
Yea, too bad JK didn't BR this poster rather than a brief removal.


I Trade Therefore I Am
John, why is this political thread in this section of the forum? How about you do your job and move it where it belongs

Why does liberal,

Rhyme with evil.

Why are they all dumb people,


Sold seashells by the sea shore,

Sleepy and 81 million… sure.

Where’s that bridge you want to sell me

What’s this, Sleepy’s 10th Felony?

Wanna have a good time…

Let’s impeach Trump for a 3rd time

No, not this time,

Now we got real crimes.

Being committed,

By a man who should be committed.

Fucking admit it,

You follow the Taliban on Twitter.

No tweets for Trump,

Ain’t that something,

MAGA is what the fuck I’m bumping.

America is Great,

And we will not submit to your One Party State!
Will you Liberal pieces of shit look at the above. Fucking look at it.

Raiders is backing my play? You want to talk about Ancient Enemies. Double-D and Boston are going unto the Breach with me? Can you Morons find me 3 more anti-LBJ posters?

What unites us, Love of Country, is so much greater than what divides us, some billionare Prima Donna playing a child's game.

This shit ain't a game people, it's real life with real consequences, WAKE the fuck up you WOKE fucks, wake up. The only people Sleepy is bringing together are Ancient Forum enemies and he's bringing us together in solidarity against him..... that should tell you something.


I Trade Therefore I Am
I did the same when I first found him a couple weeks ago. Ray was the first to post about him across the street.

My 49% Partner Ray Cabino? He's holding out on me.... perhaps he's angling to get a majority share of the Fictional Think Tank Business.


I Trade Therefore I Am
The beauty of this thread is that even though Heisenberg hasn't made an appearance, he is still winning the argument.
Tell that to the 3 US Servicemen who just got injured at a bombing at the Airpport.

This isn't about winning a fucking argument, it's about winning the country back from pieces of shit like you who put innocent people in harms way while you Vay-Ka. FUCK YOU!


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Poor Gamebred, his orange hero got curb stomped, and all these months later he still feels the need to lash out, how sad and pathetic

Dell Dude

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Afghanistan is now the world terrorist capitol and that unvetted shit is on its way to America thanks to Joe Biden. There will be another 9/11 or multiple. Congratulations Liberal posters. You did this along with 20 million fake ballots.

Dell Dude

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JFC. They are going to continue the rescue mission



I Trade Therefore I Am
As I predicted, too late to rescue stranded Americans and now we didn't rescue them and have at least a dozen dead Marines.

The deadliest day since Aug 6, 2011.

No Commie-Kane, the Orange Man didn't get curb stomped, a dozen Marines just did and it didn't have to happen.

boston massacre

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And All The Big Pussy Biden Voters are in Hiding.

Big Fuckin Cowards.

Nothing To Say.

The Guy in The Thread Title Spent All Day on EOG, Bad Mouthing Trump When He Was President.

Now, He's Like a Bromo Seltzer.

Dissolved !

Game Put The Fear of God in Him With The Thread Title.

Dell Dude

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I would support a way to slide Mitt Romney into the Oval Office. Biden quits. Kamala takes over. Names Romney. She quits. No chance Trump before 2025. I hate Romney but we need a President or we will not have a country in 2025.


The opening odds start here
Thanks. Makes sense.

I didn't know he was a Useful Idiot. How the fuck did that escape my attention.

They shouldn't be swept out of EOG with a broom but rather beaten out w/ a stick.
We were due for a pot stirring, and now AP is thinking of signing up.

boston massacre

EOG Master
I’d gladly trade reading some mean tweets for the lives of those marines.

some mean tweets

Remember, Some of Those Mean Tweets Had a Little Vape, That Spread into Some of The Lib. Snowflakes Eyes, and it Gave Them The Sniffles and Sneezes.

Orange Man, Could Be Bad Bad Boy Sometime, Therefore His Chocolate Chip Cookies Needed To be Taken Away.

U.S. Marines Being Blown Up, at Least, Doesn't Cause The Liberal Snowflakes To Get Sneezes and Sniffles.

Biden is a Wizard of Oz Character.

No Courage and No Brains.

But He Does Mix an Excellent Cool Aid For His Supporters.