If Iowa St plays for OT


The opening odds start here
A two TD dog has the chance to win the game with a two point conversion, I agreed with the decision to go for it, shame the gutless refs didn't call the blatant holding
I definitely agreed with the decision too. Cyclones defense was virtually lights out in the second half and exposed Oklahoma's weak defense also forcing Hurts to be limited and making poor decisions.
IOWA STATE hosting #22 Texas this week in Ames

IOWA hosting #7 Minny in Iowa City

Both teams lose games against ranked opponents last week when failing to convert a 2PT conversion in the games final minutes.
I think the NC State one was definitely correct. Because they had a hard time moving the ball on Clemson. They were outclassed and kinda lucky to be in that spot

But in the other game, Iowa State was the better team at that point.

Both calls are pretty good tho

With NC State I would have went for two.

In the other I would have played for OT