Jammer's College Bowl Contest (Entry window is open)

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I'll extend my offer to all off the field players, if you beat the field I will match the top prize winnings to top scorer not on the list (ghosts excluded, must have 500 EOG posts to be eligible).

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I will start a separate thread for Goon's alternate-universe contest.

Goon, would you please post a short set of rules for your contest?


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Thanks Goon...so we have JK’s friends and family and then the rest of the EOG community.

Sounds just like last year's picks for the contest.

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With friends like JK, who needs enemies enemies enemies?

thanks Goon will be fun

side bets if alternative universe team will win overall? YES -170
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Goon, how about limiting the alternate universe team to the first 20 EOG contributors who enter?

Keeps the event from being unwieldy and difficult to score.

Also allows us to compare the invitees with the refugees.
I look to participate and am clearing a spot in my participation trophy case for this contest. My goal is to not finish 21st and go home empty handed.

Wish this was against the spread pool as I feel the biggest spreads will cancel out with the highest confidence points selection.

Nonetheless I'll play by the presented rules and go onward and upward.
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John Kelly

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Jammer, let's see what Goon offers and maybe we can run with that format.

Additionally, let's set a deadline of Monday morning at 9:00 ET to establish the official contest rules and start accepting entries.

The simpler, the better.

I like the idea of 42 contestants, 21 in Jammer's invitation-only contest and 21 in Goon's alternate-universe contest.
All right boys... I lean towards ATS selections but it is Jammer's contest so he's got the ultimate say on the details. Personally I would lean to action points, so you'd be rewarded for correct selection by the # of points you selected plus the # of points you covered spread by, but also punished if your team failed to cover by x points.

I like the 21 vs 21 format so here's the scoop on the "rest of the world" free shot.

Once all the details are set and picks can be made on the invitation side, at a random time (hint I am an early riser), I will start a thread titled "Rest of the World Entries". It will have a sample entry at the top, please respect that format for easy grading. The first 21 entries (not part of the the EOG/Jammer invitation section) in that thread will be in the contest and will have a shot at $600. Your entry will have to beat all other 20 Rest of the World Entries (easy) AND beat the top scorer in the invitation section. Super teaser rule, ties go to the house (you lose). Edited entries will be disqualified.

So check back often and have your entry ready at a moment's notice, if you dilly dally you could find yourself on the outside looking in.

Should you beat both fields, the $600 prize will be awarded as a player to player transfer at a book we both play at.

Any questions, fire away....

John Kelly

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Thanks for your generous offer, Goon.

Entry window for Jammer's contest will open Monday morning at 6:00 ET.

I'll consult with Jammer and Goon for a winning format, one that's both easy-to-understand and challenging.
I like the idea of adding the spreads, makes it more challenging. I will pass on the action points though. JK- maybe Computer Bob can post the games with the lines in the next few days.
Here's the list of Bowl games with some spreads... these we can adjust on Monday or whenever and everybody picks the same numbers. I'd suggest sides only...

New Mexico Bowl: North Texas vs. Utah State (-9, 67.5)
Cure Bowl: Tulane vs. Louisiana (+3.5, 59)
Las Vegas Bowl: Arizona State vs. Fresno State (-4.5, 51.5)
Camellia Bowl: Eastern Michigan vs. Georgia Southern (PK, 48)
New Orleans Bowl: Appalachian State vs. Middle Tennessee (+7, 50.5)
Boca Raton Bowl: UAB vs. Northern Illinois (+1.5, 43.5)
Frisco Bowl: Ohio vs. San Diego State (+3, 55)
Gasparilla Bowl: Marshall vs. South Florida (+2.5, 54.5)
Bahamas Bowl: Toledo vs. Florida International (+6, 68)
Idaho Potato Bowl: BYU vs. Western Michigan (+12.5, 48.5)
Birmingham Bowl: Memphis vs. Wake Forest (+4, 73.5)
Armed Forces Bowl: Army vs. Houston (+3, 67.5)
Dollar General Bowl: Buffalo vs. Troy (+2.5, 53.5)
Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Louisiana Tech (+2, 57.5)
First Responder Bowl: Boston College vs. Boise State (-3, 55)
Quick Lane Bowl: Minnesota vs. Georgia Tech (-4, 61)
Cheez-It Bowl: TCU vs. California (PK, 40.5)
Independence Bowl: Temple vs. Duke (+3, 56.5)
Pinstripe Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Miami (Fla.) (-3.5, 47)
Texas Bowl: Baylor vs. Vanderbilt (-4, 55)
Music City Bowl: Auburn vs. Purdue (+4.5, 54.5)
Camping World Bowl: West Virginia vs. Syracuse (+7, 74)
Alamo Bowl: Iowa State vs. Washington State (-3.5, 54.5)
Belk Bowl: South Carolina vs. Virginia (+4, 54.5)
Arizona Bowl: Nevada vs. Arkansas State (-1, 59.5)
Military Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech (+6, 53.5)
Redbox Bowl: Michigan State vs. Oregon (-2.5, 48)
Liberty Bowl: Missouri vs. Oklahoma State (+7.5, 71.5)
Holiday Bowl: Northwestern vs. Utah (-7, 45)
TaxSlayer Bowl: Texas A&M vs. NC State (+5.5, 58.5)
Sun Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Stanford (-6.5, 52)
Outback Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Iowa (+6, 44.5)
Citrus Bowl: Kentucky vs. Penn State (-6, 48)
Peach Bowl: Florida vs. Michigan (-7.5, 51)
Fiesta Bowl: LSU vs. Central Florida (+7.5, 54.5)
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Washington (+5.5, 58)
Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Texas (+11, 58)
Orange Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma (+14, 79)
Cotton Bowl: Clemson vs. Notre Dame (+11, 55)

John Kelly

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"Sides only" sounds good.

Here's a problem with fixed pointspreads: The "rest of the world" contestants must post their selections ASAP while the list of 21 invitees are able to wait until December 15 or so.


John Kelly

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Rest of the world contestants = REFUGEES.

Jammer's list of 21 contestants = INVITEES.

Refugees versus invitees, call me a poet.

John Kelly

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Goon made the suggestion ("Sides only") and I seconded it.

Jammer, your thoughts?

I'm good with whatever Goon and Jammer decide.

They are the ones staking the event.
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