Jammer's College Bowl Contest (Entry window is open)

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Monday morning it is.

I will PM all invitees so Jammer's guests are aware of the event.

Fixed pointspreads?

Three more questions: Are we hosting a pointspread contest, a confidence pool OR a pointspread contest with confidence points?

I'm starting to confuse myself.
Point spread contest with confidence points 20-1. Once you or CB post the spreads, that’s what we use. If the spread lands exactly on the number and that game is picked, poster will receive half the confidence points. Still need to use those 6 bowl games (Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Orange, Peach Fiesta) as part of your 20 games. Any ties will be decided using the National Championship game.

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Entry deadline will be SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15 at 10:30 A.M. PT, scheduled kickoff for the Cure Bowl.
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Thanks again for the contest invite.
Always fun!! One suggestion. Post all lines with half pointspread to eliminate
Any pushes.
Thanks again for the contest invite.
Always fun!! One suggestion. Post all lines with half pointspread to eliminate
Any pushes.
That could work yes. I guess it would be up to Computer Bob to decide on whether to shade the line a half point higher or lower.

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I was thinking the same thing.

However, pushes are part of the game.

And you influence a player's handicap with the shaded numbers.

Not that ComptrBob would manipulate numbers his way but I'll post the contest numbers Monday.

I prefer the prices from one book, possibly Pinnacle, CRIS, BetDSI or Westgate, at a set point in time (Monday morning at 9:00 ET).

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No invitation..nothing..shut out?

Parlaynow, I can save February or March for you in EOG's Grand Challenge, if you would like.

Jammer's contest filled up quickly but Goon's contest will take 21 entrants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Goon plans to debut his contest sometime this week.
Not that ComptrBob would manipulate numbers his way but I'll post the contest numbers Monday.

I prefer the prices from one book, possibly Pinnacle, CRIS, BetDSI or Westgate, at a set point in time (Monday morning at 9:00 ET).
I definitely should not have any influence in determining the lines since I am participating. The only proviso is to as much as possible have lines with equal vig so there isn't a large "lean" to the line.

Pushes are easy to incorporate (worth 0.5, wins are 1.0, score is the game outcome times the confidence weight). Multiple "play as you go" posts are much more work to process, I recommend two contests, 10 selections each, graded separately, one early and one late, if you want to allow for later entries for later bowls.

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The two-contest idea is interesting.

Let's try it next year.

I liked Jammer's idea of 20 pointspread selections with confidence points and the mandatory New Year's Six bowl game selections among the 20 plays.

Goon's contest is generous but remember the non-invitees are competing against a field of 42, not 21.

I'll layout Jammer's competition later tonight.

Goon's contest will debut sometime this week.

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Welcome to Jammer's 2018 College Bowl Contest.

An invitation-only event with a purse of $1,000.

The format combines a pointspread contest with confidence points.

Select only 20 of the available 39 bowl games.

Submit 14 bowl game selections of your choice PLUS six mandatory selections involving the New Year's Six games (Peach, Fiesta, Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton).

Assign your best bet a confidence rating of 20 points, your second-best bet a confidence rating of 19 points, and so on.

Pointspread pushes will earn half the assigned confidence points.

The contestant with the most points will win $600, compliments of Jammer and BetDSI.

Second place is worth $300 and third place will earn $100.

A tiebreaker will be established in the National Championship Game, if necessary.

Post your selections in this thread.

Entry deadline is Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. PT.

Here are the contest pointspreads:

New Mexico Bowl: North Texas vs. Utah State (-9.5)

Cure Bowl: Tulane (-3.5) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Las Vegas Bowl: Arizona State vs. Fresno State (-4.5)

Camellia Bowl: Eastern Michigan vs. Georgia Southern (-1)

New Orleans Bowl: Appalachian State (-7) vs. Middle Tennessee

Boca Raton Bowl: UAB (-2.5) vs. Northern Illinois

Frisco Bowl: Ohio (-3) vs. San Diego State

Gasparilla Bowl: Marshall (-1.5) vs. South Florida

Bahamas Bowl: Toledo (-5.5) vs. Florida International

Idaho Potato Bowl: BYU (-12.5) vs. Western Michigan

Birmingham Bowl: Memphis (-4) vs. Wake Forest

Armed Forces Bowl: Army (-3) vs. Houston

Dollar General Bowl: Buffalo (-2.5) vs. Troy

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii (-1.5) vs. Louisiana Tech

First Responder Bowl: Boston College vs. Boise State (-3)

Quick Lane Bowl: Minnesota vs. Georgia Tech (-4)

Cheez-It Bowl: TCU vs. California (PK)

Independence Bowl: Temple (-3) vs. Duke

Pinstripe Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Miami (Fla.) (-3.5)

Texas Bowl: Baylor vs. Vanderbilt (-4)

Music City Bowl: Auburn (-4.5) vs. Purdue

Camping World Bowl: West Virginia (-2) vs. Syracuse

Alamo Bowl: Iowa State vs. Washington State (-4)

Arizona Bowl: Arkansas State (-1) vs. Nevada

Peach Bowl: Florida vs. Michigan (-7.5)

Belk Bowl: South Carolina (-4.5) vs. Virginia

Orange Bowl: Alabama (-14) vs. Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl: Clemson (-11.5) vs. Notre Dame

Military Bowl: Cincinnati (-5) vs. Virginia Tech

Sun Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Stanford (-6.5)

Redbox Bowl: Michigan State vs. Oregon (-2.5)

Liberty Bowl: Missouri (-8.5) vs. Oklahoma State

Holiday Bowl: Northwestern vs. Utah (-7)

TaxSlayer Bowl: Texas A&M (-5) vs. NC State

Outback Bowl: Mississippi State (-7) vs. Iowa

Citrus Bowl: Kentucky vs. Penn State (-6)

Fiesta Bowl: LSU (-7.5) vs. Central Florida

Rose Bowl: Ohio State (-6.5) vs. Washington

Sugar Bowl: Georgia (-11) vs. Texas

(Games are listed in Don Best rotation order)

(Bold-faced type indicates a mandatory selection)
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List of 21 Contest Invitees:

















Viejo Dinosaur


Willy Loman




All I do is trytrytry
in for a slot thanks, wait is this the place to post entry for the side contest (REFUGEES??) contest or the main one

put me down for REFUGEES entry (the GOON contest )

1. trytrytry

John Kelly

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Try, if you'd like another shot at EOG's Grand Challenge early next year, simply say the word.

Goon will be posting his contest in a separate thread for 21 Rest of the World contestants.

He will post at a random time but he hinted he wakes up very early in the morning.

Tnanks for all your contributions to EOG.
Birdie looking for the daily double after his March Madness win.

I thought I read where he said he already spent the first-place prize money!
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Rest of the world thread is up... used the same lines as the ones here, added rotation number to make things easier for grading and suggested an entry format.

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New Mexico Bowl
201 North Texas 9½
202 Utah State -9½

Cure Bowl
203 Tulane -3½
204 UL Lafayette 3½

Las Vegas Bowl
205 Arizona State +4½
206 Fresno State -4½

Camellia Bowl
207 Eastern Michigan 1
208 Georgia Southern -1

New Orleans Bowl
209 Middle Tennessee State 7
210 Appalachian State -7

Boca Raton Bowl
211 Northern Illinois +2½
212 UAB -2½

Frisco Bowl
213 Ohio -3
214 San Diego State 3

Gasparilla Bowl
215 Marshall -1½
216 South Florida +1½

Bahamas Bowl
217 Florida International 5½
218 Toledo -5½

Potato Bowl
219 BYU -12½
220 Western Michigan 12½

Birmingham Bowl
221 Wake Forest 4
222 Memphis -4

Armed Forces Bowl
223 Houston U 3
224 Army -3

Dollar General Bowl
225 Buffalo U -2½
226 Troy +2½

Hawaii Bowl
227 Louisiana Tech 1½
228 Hawaii -1½

First Responder Bowl
229 Boston College 3
230 Boise State -3

Quick Lane Bowl
231 Minnesota U 4
232 Georgia Tech -4

Cheez-It Bowl
233 TCU pk
234 California pk

Independence Bowl
235 Duke 3
236 Temple -3

Pinstripe Bowl
237 Miami Florida -3½
238 Wisconsin 3½

Texas Bowl
239 Vanderbilt -4
240 Baylor +4

Music City Bowl
241 Auburn -4½
242 Purdue 4½

Camping World Bowl
243 Syracuse +2
244 West Virginia -2

Arizona Bowl
245 Arkansas State -1
246 Nevada +1

Alamo Bowl
247 Iowa State 4
248 Washington State -4

Peach Bowl
249 Florida +7½
250 Michigan -7½

Belk Bowl
251 South Carolina -4½
252 Virginia 4½

Orange Bowl
253 Oklahoma 14
254 Alabama -14

Cotton Bowl
255 Notre Dame 11½
256 Clemson -11½

Military Bowl
257 Virginia Tech 5
258 Cincinnati U -5

Sun Bowl
259 Pittsburgh U +6½
260 Stanford -6½

San Francisco Bowl
261 Michigan State 2½
262 Oregon -2½

Liberty Bowl
263 Missouri -8½
264 Oklahoma State +8½

Holiday Bowl
265 Northwestern +7
266 Utah -7

Outback Bowl
269 Iowa +7
270 Mississippi State -7

Citrus Bowl
271 Kentucky 6
272 Penn State -6

Fiesta Bowl
273 LSU -7½
274 Central Florida +7½

Rose Bowl
275 Washington U +6½
276 Ohio State -6½

Sugar Bowl
277 Texas U 11
278 Georgia -11

Sample Entry:
20* 201 North Texas 9
19* 203 Tulane -3
18* 205 Arizona State +4½
17* 207 Eastern Michigan 1
16* 209 Middle Tennessee State 7
15* 211 Northern Illinois +2½
14* 213 Ohio -3
13* 215 Marshall -2½
12* 217 Florida International 6
11* 219 BYU -12
10* 221 Wake Forest 5
9* 223 Houston U 3
8* 225 Buffalo U -2½
7* 227 Louisiana Tech 1½
6* 249 Florida +7½
5* 253 Oklahoma 14
4* 255 Notre Dame 11½
3* 273 LSU -7½
2* 275 Washington U +6½
1* 277 Texas U 11

Good luck to all.


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Where are the quarter spreads?

First half?

Team totals for the game?

Team totals first half?

Just kidding.

BOL to everyone and most importantly have a safe and happy holiday season.
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