Jeter said the Marlins will be better

It's so stupid to hire former players as coach, President or GM. No correlation to be being a great player and having a fucking clue. These assholes should go to the minors and work their way up. Of course that won't happen. Straight to the top. Danny Ainge is the exception. Curiously, he happens to be white. Larry Legend also had success in the front office. White. Kevin McHale hasn't done shit. Joey D is the only mobile I can think of who made it and that's only if you forget the 2nd half.
And just like that, Magic says bye bye. I'm too old and too mobile for this shit. Anybody doubt that he doesn't really run his businesses now? All run by white men. They just slap his stupid name to it.
How are they looking with Chen's contract. They gave him 80 million for 5 years in 2016. He's making 28% of their payroll. Relegated to the bullpen, he gave up 10 runs the other night.


Railbird is a past posting pos
Think of that outfield they had: Yelich, Stanton and Marcell Ozuna. And look at their hitting now.
Dee Gordon at second and JT Realmuto behind the plate as well, if they had kept that team together and added a couple of starting pitchers, they could have easily contended for a playoff spot. Trading Stanton I can understand given his enormous salary, but Yelich, Ozuna, and Realmuto were on team friendly contracts, this team is so bad it's almost criminal what Jeter did. #JeterShitShow