KC imploding early

John Kelly

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Current score: Houston 24 Kansas City 21.

Three K.C. touchdowns in a span of three minutes and 24 seconds.

Live line: Kansas City -289 Houston +236.


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As was the fake punt...do you think O’Brien was in on that or was that a rogue call by special teams coach... O’Brien has always proved to be a buffoon before....I have to think he knew.


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The fake punt was beyond dumb, even if you get the first down you're still at your own 30, but if you don't get it you're giving KC the ball already in FG position, and if they stick it in the end zone it's a ball game again, just a dumb decision
Yes the fake punt decision for me is moot.
What ends up happening after not converting that fake punt, your defense goes into shock. Like what just happened. Now it puts pressure on them to stop KCs offense and essentially you check out because your emotions are all over the place.

Now its 24 to 14 and more b.s. happens that essentially isnt in their (defense)control and now 24 to 21. You go from dominating to back in a war all for what? Not the defenses fault persay.